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September 02, 2010


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Andews Hayes

These aspects are vital in having a splendid stay in a retirement home. Continuing to live with purpose is a great tip. People sometimes forget that retirement isn't the end of the line. In fact, this chapter in our lives is an indication that something good is yet to unfold.


Your comment, coming from an investment advisor, is welcome. So often people who earn their living by estate planning focus too much on how to save money for the client, rather than on a holistic model, including how the client can use his/ her money to make the world a better place. This latter is more likely to make the person feel more full and satisfied as she faces the last decades of life.

Inheritance Advisers

Thanks for the post. 25 years of non work would lead to terminal boredom. Your list of sensislbe things that anyone approaching or in retirement should consider.

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