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August 25, 2010


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Hi, Lois,
How grand to hear about your 80-something parents biking 100 miles. I plan to be continuing to ride my horse in my 80s.
And it sounds as if you're an exemplar for what positive aging can be about. I hope to see you at the next conference in CA this December. If you go to the New England LPN website ( I think you'll get the answer to your question about a Midwest LPN. I believe there's one in Minneapolis area. THanks for commenting.

Lois Albrecht

Yes I fit the AARP Demographic. And I'm pleased to be part of the wave of Boomers who are re-defining what this stage of life can look like.

Six years ago I left my 'good paying job with benefits' as a college fundraiser to focus on my business as a certified life coach. I turn 60 next month and have no regrets. Helping Boomers design their third half of life is exciting and satisfying.

I am fortunate to have great role models in my parents who are both 81. They have an active volunteer life and logged over 100 miles biking last week (fueled in part by determination to properly dispose of everyone's recycling in their apartment building).

Since I coach 95% of my clients by phone I'm able to live in a beautiful area overlooking Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. I attended the first Positive Aging Conference and hope to make it to another. Is there an LPN active in the midwest? I know about the virtual group.

Thanks for your post Karma. I look forward to reading more.


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