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May 03, 2010


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Andews Hayes

That seems to be a great read for those who are thinking of things to do after retirement. Does this book talk about starting a business after retirement too?


I think that as the Boomer generation gets past official "retirement" age and demonstrates to the world... and especially to the media that they are not ready to be "done," then our culture will change. I believe it has already changed a great deal since my parents retired.

My parents were anomalies, though, as my father, a research chemist, retired at 65 and then began to work as a volunteer 9-5 at a local university medical center. My mother began many new things after she left teaching, including moving herself out to California, taking up poetry-writing, getting things published, taking classes, doing folk dancing all over the country, working for the Democratic Party, and on and on. Not "done," by any stretch of the imagination.

Mary Lloyd

What a pleasure to discover a kindred soul! There are so many of us with so much yet to do, but the culture thinks we're "done" when we walk out the door at work for the last time. Phooey on that!

I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Karma.

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