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The owner of Life Spring Coaching, at the Crossroads of Your Life, I coach people at all transitions through the life cycle from college grads who want to create a stupendous year before work or grad school to Baby Boomers who want to design a meaningful life after leaving their regular responsibilities.

I have been a licensed psychotherapist specializing in helping people reach their highest potential by unblocking the parts of them that restrain their personal and professional fulfillment.

I wrote and published Women Who Could...and Did (, a book about high-achieving older women. Now I'm writing another book about famous equestriennes, called Women Riders Who Could...and Did:Life Stories of High Achieving Equestriennes.

Not a risk-taker, I started to ride horses at age 50 even though I never played sports as a kid, because I didn't like to sweat. A life-long learner, I went back to school to get my PhD in my forties. I live with my husbvand of 23 years and we each have a grown child from our previous marriages. Life is full and wondrous, each day bringing new challenges, new things to learn.


exercise, biography, healthy food, i love to ride my horse, read books of history, and fiction, prepare and eat tasty, listen to live music of all kinds, and talk with friends who are curious, open to learning, and good listeners. and i always love hanging out with my husband, no matter what we're doing.